17 04 2008

By Watex

The Snow Forts Clock has completely broken down! The time is constantly changing and it displays really random messages. The Cuckoo Clock in the Lodge has also gone out of control. The Cuckoo clock comes out every second now. It looks like this is the Polar Bear’s doing.

Rockhopper is on his way back! He’s seen the flares and he’s coming back in a motor boat! Check the telescope to see him.

And a new message is on the bulletin board of the HQ. Get ready for a new mission!

There will be a party for Rockhopper’s return on April 25th.

To see all that’s happened for since The Migrator’s crash, check the Save the Migrator Project Review in the newspaper. There’s also a cool game where the story changes each time you choose new words. The new igloo will be the Lawn igloo with a fake lawn to use for Spring furniture.




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